Aesthetics Dental implants nyc

Consequence of Missing Tooth

There are many reasons why you might be missing teeth. Perhaps a tooth was lost to injury or even removed because of excessive decay - whatever the reason; missing teeth are a common complaint at the dental office.

aesthetics dental implants nyc

Why should you get the missing tooth or teeth replaced though? The most popular reason is aesthetics. A smile that shows a missing tooth often sends an uncomplimentary message to others. From a dentist's standpoint though, there are greater concerns than just appearance.
When a tooth is missing, the above tooth might erupt (coming out of its socket) into the empty space across from it. A missing tooth can also result in nearby teeth drifting, or tipping, into the open space. Problems in occlusion can arise, making it difficult to close the mouth. It is important to note that teeth can move at any age, so replacing missing teeth with dental implants nyc is not just a childhood concern.

Dental implants nyc

Even with such consequences, not all teeth require replacement. Dentists never recommend replacing a wisdom tooth for example. Also, in the case of older patients, most can lead functional lives while missing their second and third molars. Always question your dentist's reasons for wanting to dental implants nyc that is not affecting your lifestyle.

If you are considering dental implants nyc, please consult with us for your beautiful smile.